What is Larynx Benign Cancer?

Benign laryngeal Cancer include juvenile papillomas hemangiomas, fibromas, chondromas, mymxomas, and neurofibromas. They may appear in any part of the larynx .Symptoms include hoarseness, breathly voice, dyspnea, aspiration, dysphagia, pain, otalgia (pain referred to the ear), and hemoptysis. Diagnosis is based on direct or indirect visualization of the larynx, supplemented by CT. Removal restores the voice, the functional integrity of the laryngeal sphincter and the airway.

What is risk factor of Larynx benign Cancer?

Risk factor is anything that affects the chance of getting a disease like cancer. Different cancers have different risk factors. Having risk factors does not mean that will get the disease. Many people who get the disease may have few or no known risk factors.

    • Tobacco and alcohol use

The highest risk factor for head and neck cancers is the person who used tobacco. The risk for these cancers is much higher in smoker than in nonsmoker. Most people with these cancers have a history of smoking or other tobacco exposure.

    • Human pailloma virus infection

Human papilloma virus is a group of over 150 related viruses. Infection with certain types of HPV can also cause some forms of cancer, including cancers of the penis, cervix, vulva, vagina, anus, and throat. HPV can be passed from one person to another during skin to skin contact.

    • Genetic syndromes

People with syndromes caused by inherited defects (mutations) in certain genes have a very high risk of throat cancer, including cancer of the larynx.

»  Fanconi anemia

This condition can be caused by inherited defects in several genes. Usually, people with this syndrome often have blood problems at an early age, which may lead to leukemia pr aplastic anemia. They also have a very high risk of cancer of the mouth and larynx.

»  Dyskeratosis  congenita

This genetic syndrome can cause aplastic anemia, akin rashes, and abnormal fingernails and toenails. People with this syndrome have a very high risk of developing cancer of the mouth and throat when they young.

    • Workplace exposures

The people who the work environment exposure to wood dust, paint fumes, and certain chemicals used in the metalworking, petroleum, plastics and textile industries can increase of larynx benign cancer.

    • Gender

Larynx benign cancers are about 4 times more common in men than women. This is likely because the main risk factors are smoking and heavy alcohol uses are more common in men.

    • Age

Over half of patients with these cancers are 65 or older when the cancers are first found.
Usually this disease develops over many years, so they are not common in young people.

    • Race

Larynx benign cancers are more common among African American and whites than among Asians and Latinos.


What is Larynx Benign Cancer Symptom?

In most cases, larynx cancers are found because of the symptoms they cause. There are several symptom of the larynx benign cancer:

  • Hoarseness or voice changes
  • A sore throat that does not go away
  • Constant coughing
  • Pain when swallowing
  • Ear pain
  • Trouble breathing
  • Weight loss
  • A lump or mass in the neck (due to spread of the cancer to nearby lymph nodes).


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